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Are looking for a handy WordPress plugin to create a Family Tree or Genealogy on your website? If so, then check out TreePress plugin which has everything that you need. It can able to create family trees that have up to approx. 200 members. You can easily add detailed information about each of your family members, which makes it ideal for any kind of historical website or family website. The process / the flow of this plugin is really simple, but the results, you get, look surprisingly professional. In this article, I am going to explain how to make a simple family tree in WordPress using the TreePress plugin.

What is a FAMILY TREE & how can I use this?

A family tree can be a unique tool for a crafty web developer. If you have a historical website / Family website, where you want to present your family line in such a manner, that it’s easily understood and noticeable by your visitors of any age. It allows members’ images and other key information with every entry. You can easily create an informative family tree, not only about your own family members, but also about your favorite superheroes, video game characters, book family, or just about anything else.

Another popular use of a Family Tree is to use it for your own business. For example, you can use each tree branch for a specific position in your company.

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How to create a FAMILY TREE with TreePress?

# Step 1: Install TreePress

Let’s start by clicking the ADD NEW option under the Plugin menu, on the left-hand admin panel. Then search for TreePress Plugin in the search box. This will pull up your required plugin from WordPress Repository. Next, click on the “Install Now” button & activate the plugin for use.

Note: There is a premium version available of this plugin that allows you to add additional key information for the family members. If you find it helpful, then you can surely purchase it’s premium subscription to utilize this plugin with it’s full features. Keep this in mind – adding images is one of the key feature that is only available with it’s premium version.

# Step 2: Create Family Groups


Creating a Family Tree divides into two steps. The first one is to create the “Family Group” & the second step is to add individual members to it. This process works very similarly to Blog posts and their relevant categories. The Family Groups work as the categories, whereas the Members work as posts. You can easily sort separate members into the correct family group while adding them.

To do this, just click on TreePress and select the Family Groups option on the left-admin panel.


This process reminds you of WordPress post/product categories because it is just similar, as mentioned above. Enter the name, slug, and your desired description for the family group, you want to create.

# Step 3: Adding Family Members


The following step is to add individual “Family Members”. It is really an easy process. Just click on TreePress and select the Add New option from the left-admin panel.

NOTE – In the free version of this plugin, you can only add the gender, date of birth, date of death, mother, father, and spouse.

Just below this option, you can find another button called – “Add New Fact”. By clicking on it, you can add other additional information for individual members. It just works like the other facts.


On the right-hand side, you can find the “Family Groups Checkbox”. While adding the members, you need to check the appropriate family for that particular member. This process is just similar to the WordPress categories box. Finally, click on the “Publish” button to save your family member. Repeat this flow for other family members as well.


# Step 4: Adding Family Tree to Your WordPress Website

After adding Family Groups and other Members, you can easily add this Family Tree to your desired post/page. You just need to add a simple shortcode, easily found from the “All Family Groups” option. Here is the shortcode you should need:

[family-tree family='{family-id}’]


Note: You should surround the “family-ID” with “{}” otherwise the short code will not work.

CONGRATULATIONS, you have just created a “Family Tree” on your website by using TreePress Plugin. You can continuously expand your family or individual characters at any point in time.



In a nutshell, the main key features of this plugin are:

– Set up a Family Tree with up to 200 family members.
– You can add unlimited family members, including key data such as gender, DOB, father, mother, etc
– You can easily specify any person as the tree ‘root’ with the shortcode
– You can set up individual member’s information on an individual page
– Can easily add a list of all family members on the family listing page
– Zoom in / Zoom out of larger trees on screen for better viewing!

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