Top 7 Fastest WordPress Themes To Use in 2023

Top 7 Fastest WordPress Themes To Use In 2023 - Digitally Atanu

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Website Speed is one of the most important factors. If your website is based on WordPress, then being a WordPress Developer, you have to search for the fastest WordPress themes for your or your client’s website. Trying to search for one of the fastest WP themes from thousands of themes, is really a tough job. WordPress does not provide any metrics that can help the users or the developers to measure the speed of a particular theme. Instead, you would need to install each of them one by one to check how it performs. Sounds really hectic – RIGHT? To help you out, I am narrowing down your search by providing the top 7 fastest WordPress themes [according to my personal preference and experience], which help you to save a lot of time and effort. By checking these themes, you can optimize your WordPress website’s performance quite easily. In this list, I’ll try to cover the top 7 fastest WordPress themes.


Website speed is the most important factor in WordPress CMS or any other platform. When you are developing a website, you have to consider the theme and the plugins you are going to use in your development process. Let’s start with the most obvious & the most important factor – “the user experience”. Generally, we all know that users don’t want to spend a lot of time loading a page. This is found that 53% of mobile users will abandon a page if it takes over 3-4 seconds to load. It is also TRUE that not just the users who like faster sites the most, Google and other search engines are using website speed as a determining factor in search engine rankings.

So, website speed is the most important for everything, and when it comes to WordPress CMS, the theme you choose will have a big importance.


WebpageTest Load Time: 60ms | GTmetrix Load Time: 1.3 seconds | Pingdom Load Time: 601msTop 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Astra - Digitally Atanu

Astra is one of the best free WordPress themes that can help you develop a fast website in 2023. It has robust features that are designed to keep your website running fast. It is a versatile WordPress theme to develop any type of informative or eCommerce website. You can consider this the best business WordPress theme that is compatible with almost every major plugin, such as Elementor Pro, RankMath, WooCommerce, and others.


WebpageTest Load Time: 1.771 seconds | GTmetrix Load Time: 623ms | Pingdom Load Time: 1.35 seconds

Top 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Hello Elementor - Digitally Atanu

Hello Elementor is one of my favorite fast and free WordPress themes that has over 1 million active installations. This theme is compatible with Elementor Pro. The base theme is pretty plain and fast, and with Elementor, you can develop an eye-catching WordPress portal / eCommerce store.


WebpageTest Load Time: 1.851 seconds | GTmetrix Load Time: 753ms | Pingdom Load Time: 1.52 secondsTop 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Kadence WP - Digitally Atanu

The Kadence theme offers lightning-fast performance, yet is filled with different modern features. This particular WordPress theme is compatible with Elementor Pro, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, WooCommerce, LearnDash,  Lifter LMS, and lots more. The Premium version helps you to increase conversion with the help of lightweight pop-ups and other cool functionalities.


WebpageTest Load Time: 1.435 seconds | GTmetrix Load Time: 658ms | Pingdom Load Time: 407msTop 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Generate Press - Digitally AtanuGeneratePress is one of the most tech-compatible & fastest themes for your WordPress website. With its clean coding structure, it gives you an almost 100% speed score. You can also find other options to customization your theme, plugins, and other functionalities. This theme has a free version. But it has a premium version as well where you can access all its pro features for $59 USD per year / a one-time payment of $259 USD. This theme is very lightweight and the total theme size is also very very less.


WebpageTest Load Time: 1.699 seconds | GTmetrix Load Time: 1.5 seconds | Pingdom Load Time: 1.26 secondsTop 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Blocksy - Digitally Atanu

If you’re looking for the fastest and most minimalist theme, then you should use Blocksy. This theme has a unique coding style known as “code splitting”. According to this coding structure, this theme will load JS files only if the user needs them. This process is relatively similar to lazy loading images. This theme gives you a clean coding style with a minimalist front-end design.


WebpageTest Load Time: 1.925 seconds | GTmetrix Load Time: 1.23seconds | Pingdom Load Time: 564msTop 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Genesis Framework Package - Digitally AtanuGenesis Framework Package is one of the most widely-used WordPress themes, used by bloggers mainly. If you want to develop a fast and SEO-optimized child theme, then you have to try Genesis Framework Package.


WebpageTest Load Time: 2.755 seconds | GTmetrix Load Time: 233ms | Pingdom Load Time: 470msTop 10 Fastest WordPress Themes - Ocean WP - Digitally AtanuOceanWP is one of my favorite themes. Being an Elementor Pro Developer, I widely used this theme when I started my development career – a pretty fast and light-weighted theme it is. With over approx. 700,000 active installs, OceanWP is among the most popular themes on the WordPress CMS. OceanWP provides a lot of control to customize the theme. This theme can provide you with the complete ability to disable unwanted CSS and JavaScript elements. You can try this theme absolutely free!


A great website starts with a great theme. Many WordPress Developers focus only on the plugins, but WordPress themes are playing the most important role in your portal. Themes decide the design of your portal and have an important impact on your website speed. So which theme do you prefer to develop the fastest WordPress website?

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