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Are you looking for the best user registration plugins for your WordPress website? Do you know that “User Registration Forms” help your users create their accounts to leave comments, access premium content, add posts, and many more? In this article, I’m going to share the Top 5 WordPress plugins for user registration that you can install on your WordPress website.

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Why Do We Use a WordPress User Registration Plugin?

By using the user registration plugin, you allow your visitors to create their own accounts on your website. Though WordPress has its own built-in feature to help you with the user registration process. But, this built-in functionality has very limited features in it, that will give your users to access the admin area. There are multiple User Registration Plugins available in the market / in the WordPress Repository.

By using these kinds of user registration plugins, you can create custom registration forms and login forms for your visitors. Even you can easily customize your user’s roles and much more :

– Users can register themselves to access your premium contents
– You can create a “subscriber-only” online store (ECommerce Shop)
– Your users can register and submit guest contents
– You can create a subscriber-only online community
– You can give coupons/discounts to your registered users
– Registered users can leave comments and perform other actions on your website

Here are some of my personal favorite WordPress Plugins for User Registration:


#DigitallyAtanu - Top 5 WordPress Plugins For User Registration - WP Forms

WPForms is one of the best WordPress form plugins. Here are the most vital features that make this form plugin, the most powerful and user-friendly in the market.

– This is used by over 4 million WordPress sites
– It can easily create amazing forms in just a few clicks without writing any codes
– This form builder is purely mobile responsive
– It has an amazing “Instant Notification” feature that responds to leads quickly
– This plugin has several pre-built templates that help you

To create a custom user registration form, you should need the premium version of this form builder. By using this premium feature you can easily customize your registration form. You can even customize the fields like user name, user bio, user roles, and many more. WP Forms has a built-in spam protection feature, that helps you to avoid unnecessary spam emails.


#DigitallyAtanu - Top 5 WordPress Plugins For User Registration - Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms has almost all the key features which you need to build a powerful WordPress form & data-driven applications. It gives you form-based solutions & beyond that. The key features, of this form builder, has:

– Drag and drop form builder, that can create complex forms.
– You can create online calculator forms
– You can create advanced forms like surveys, polls, quizzes, payment forms, and much more.
– You can easily add bootstrap styling to all your forms
– It can easily connect with 2,000+ applications through Zapier

Formidable Form Plugin is not only the most intuitive form builder, but also it can give you more advanced user forms which need high levels of customization. By using it’s Business & Elite plans, you can easily add advanced registration forms to your website. There are all kinds of advanced features available with the premium plans, such as custom password reset, auto populate forms with user data & custom developer options.


#DigitallyAtanu - Top 5 WordPress Plugins For User Registration - MemberPress

MemberPress is a widely used WordPress membership plugin. You should not need a Ph.D. in the IT field to set up this plugin. This form builder plugin is equipped with all the key features to create a membership site in WordPress. MemberPress allows you to restrict your important pages, posts, custom post types, and any other important files in your WordPress website. Some important features of this plugin:

– It works with any WordPress Theme
– It has a simple payment gateway integration system
– The customer support is amazing and almost 24X7
– It can be easily integrated with Zapier and other 3rd party software
– You can build a password-protected community with MemberPress

Once you set up this plugin, this will become your preferred membership solution. You can easily set up automated Welcome Emails for your new users and redirect them to a Thank You Page. It can be easily integrated with WooCommerce via a third-party plugin.


#DigitallyAtanu - Top 5 WordPress Plugins For User Registration - WP User Manager

Do you want to create & engage a community with WordPress, then you can choose the WP User Manager plugin. It is a free & customizable user registration plugin for your WordPress website. It helps you to create simple user registration forms. WP User Manager was developed in the year of 2015 by Alessandro Tesoro. Right now it acquired by Iain Poulson (from September 2019)

This plugin was developed to create a membership management module in WordPress. It gives you full control over your user registration pages. You’ll find additional key features that will help you to add user profile pages, send new registration email confirmations & set up content restrictions.

This plugin has its a premium version as well, where you will get some features like:

– Ability to add custom fields to your registrations forms
– Built-in email verification feature
– Social login
– GDPR data compliance
– One-click WooCommerce integration.


#DigitallyAtanu - Top 5 WordPress Plugins For User Registration - Optin Monster

Though this is not the appropriate WordPress plugin for user registration, I can say that OptinMonster is one of the best email capture plugins in the market. It helps you to convert your users into your targeted subscribers & paying customers. It has lots of pre-built templates. It also helps you to create different dynamic “Lead Capture” forms like popups, floating bars, and many more.

You can easily integrate the user registration forms (created with WPForms) with this plugin to enable other unique features. For example, you can design exit popups (Exit-Intent® Technology) that have your user registration forms.

You can also enable the “form tracking” feature to see the real-time results of your user registration forms.



So, what do you think about these WordPress plugins for user registration? In this article, I have listed some of my personal favorite WordPress plugins for user registration modules on your website. But deciding the best plugin will vary based on your actual need. What I personally think:

– If you are a beginner then go with WP Forms
– If you are a developer and want to develop custom / complex registration forms then you can go with Formidable Forms
– If you want an all-in-one membership solution, then you can’t think beyond MemberPress

I hope this article helped you to find the best WordPress plugin for User Registration.

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