Top 15 Free Shopify Apps For Your ECommerce Stores

Top 15 Free Shopify Apps For Your ECommerce Stores - Digitally Atanu

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While working on my Social Media Channels, I receive this question the most – “how do you effectively quote your Ecommerce Clients for their online stores?”. I always told them that I don’t want my clients to spend unnecessary money on those things that won’t be using in their online store! It’s not a secret anymore that Shopify has an incredible app store – that’s the reason I love this platform so much.

Honestly speaking, mostly no one really talks about the best FREE Shopify apps for your business. I do not want my clients to spend unnecessary money than they need to. I am trying to list down TOP 15 FREE SHOPIFY APPS which you can easily use in your Shopify store without any monthly recurring cost.



Klaviyo is the leading ecommerce marketing platform in the Shopify ecosystem. Almost more than 50K stores around the world who are using Klaviyo, without any hassle, to send personalized email, SMS messages, signup forms and more. You can get the access to the entire Klaviyo platform for free forever from the Shopify App Store. It can be easily integrated with Facebook Advertising, Recharge, Zendesk, Swell Rewards, Smile.io, Aftership.


If you want to build your own dropshipping website, Oberlo is the best company to choose. You can browse their inventories, select your suitable products & upload them directly to your store. More than almost hundred million products have been sold using this dropshipping app. With just a few clicks, this app helps you to grab your suitable products, customize their details & pull them into your online store, ready to sell.


If you want to implement pre-orders facilities on your website, this is one of the great options! You don’t need to code a single line to get started with this app. This Pre-Order app helps you to manage, track, and monitor all your pre-orders effectively with an easiest way.


If you have good reviews from your customers, your website can get more trust from your new customers. This app is made by Shopify and insanely easy to implement in just a few quick steps. Shopify Product reviews helps you to add the “customer review” feature to your product details page. This feature helps you to engage with your customer & to encourage sales.


Images are the most import aspects of your Ecommerce website. If you are not getting your expected traffic, you this is quite obvious, you are lacking something. Image optimization is one of the key things, you need to think from the very beginning. Bulk Image Edit app helps you to optimize your store images with just few clicks. This app helps you to add Alt-Texts to your images.


This is a great Store Locator app for your online store that can point multiple locations of your business or have a wholesale division. This app helps you to integrate intuitive location panel, so that your customers can jump between multiple locations. This app can be integrated with the Google Maps, as well.


In the recent times, Facebook Messenger Marketing allows you to communicate with your targeted customers in a very easy way. This particular app allows you to customize your messages as well! This app does not need any coding knowledge to install. It started working right away. It helps you to reduce the abandoned carts of your store.


Shippo helps you to save your time & money on your shipping costs. You can able to get discounted rates with USPS, UPS, and DHL Express etc. It has no monthly or hidden fees. This app helps you to streamline your shipping very easily, so that you can focus on business expansion.


If you want to Create, launch, and manage your own SMS marketing program for your customers, then you can try this app. It is a basically free app with 30 days trial period for you. This app helps you to grow a TCPA compliant subscriber list for your online store. It allows you to send automatic messages based on customer actions!


This app helps you to check where most of your visitors clicked, scrolled and tapped. It allows you to discover with which element your customers / visitors, engage the most! The LIVE heatmap really helps you to improve your UI design, plus to decide on which section you should have a call-to-action texts / buttons. This app easily integrates with HubSpot, Google Analytics, Tag Manager, WordPress and Optimizely.



This app helps you to boost your cart values and sales. It allows you to promote your FREE SHIPPING offers with prominent messages and with a cart goal! This motivates your customers to increase the cart values. This app can display different offers based on the targeted country, pages and devices. Right now, it translates the offers and your messages into multiple languages, to reach global market and increase your sales during the holidays.


It is the best currency converter to checkout in multi-currencies. It is quite obvious that multi-currencies expand your business horizon to the entire world. It can convert the currencies according your customer’s locations / IP, automatically.


This is one of the most powerful and UI friendly form builders in Shopify App Store. You can now show your custom forms by using it’s shortcode anywhere in your online store. It has a FREE PLAN, but if you want to explore more of it’s features, you can upgrade it. But according to me, it’s FREE PLAN is more than enough to fulfil your needs.


This app helps you to notify your customers when products are being re-stocked via email or messages (SMS). Your customers can signup to receive an alert, the moment a particular product is back in stock. You can easily personalize the theme, create your own button colors (according your branding) with their JAVASCRIPT APIs. If you are confident with the LIQUID customization, then you can personalize it’s email templates as well.


This app is trusted by small and large scale ecommerce businesses to improve sales conversion and grow their ema list. Privy is purely mobile friendly app which includes multiple themes of pop-ups, spin to wheel, banners, flyers, announcement bars etc. You can easily set target campaigns based on exit intent, cart abandonment / cart values of your prospective customers. This app integrates with Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Bronto, Retention Rocket without any hassle.


So tell me, do you use these apps? Have you found any other FREE SHOPIFY APPS that you truly love?

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