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Do you work on Web Design / Web Development industry? Are you a Freelancer or do you work in an agency? Whatever the answers are, you need to enhance your knowledge by reading a good web design blog on a regular basis. In this article, I’m going to list down top 10 best web design blogs, which can be a source of knowledge for you in the year of 2022.

Why Do You Read Web Design Blogs?

Web Design is now become a huge competitive industry. This is one of the most creative fields, available in the market. Working in any creative field can be very challenging and rewarding at the same point of time. If you do not update yourself in this industry, you can not match up with other web designers. This is the main reason, you should follow the latest trends and tricks of web design & web development industries. There are lots of online blogs out there, from where you can enhance your knowledge. To make your life bit easier, I am writing this article to list down all my personal favorite web design blogs.

Top 10 best web design blogs to follow in 2022

So …. what are you waiting for? Your wait is over. Have a look at these blogs [my personal favorite] and bookmark this article for your future references.


envato tuts+

Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- ENVATO TUTS ---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

ENVATO TUTS+ is one of my most favorite web design blogs at this moment. It provides you the latest trends and news related to web design & development industries. From free tutorials, learning guides and online web design courses – Envato has it all. This blog can be the best resource for you.

Shane Barker Blog

Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- Shane Barker Blog ---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

Shane Barker is the most popular Digital Marketing influencer and Keynote Speaker in the recent times. I personally follow him for a long period, starting from my Linkedin journey. Shane Barker helped the businesses with his customized digital marketing consultation. His blog not only gives you immense knowledge about Web Design and it’s latest trends, but also about digital marketing, content marketing and many other topics.

Smashing Magazine

Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- Smashing Magazine---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

Smashing Magazine is one of the most popular web design blogs, that has a huge volume of high quality contents, based on web design, development and other technical topics. They have quite a large team of professional web designers and developers who actually create these contents. In this blog, you may find multiple freebies, courses, tips & tricks that can be helpful for your current job.


Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- SitePoint---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

SitePoint blog is one of those blogs who are quite specific, on which they are writing about. Personally, I like the navigation and the structure of this blog. This blog has it’s own forum, community and library sections. You can also find the reviews of different designing tools, tons of guides and many more in this web design blog.


Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- Hongkiat--Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

The quality of contents Hongkiat offers on their blog, is just amazing. Over a decade, this web design blog interesting contents on designing tools, tips & tricks, web development and other technical related topics. One of the most interesting section, I personally like on their blog is the Social Commerce section. This part deals with how to make creative video and graphics & how to handle the social aspects of web design.

Web Design Ledger

Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- Web Design Ledger---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

Web Design Ledger provides you the vast range of quality contents related to designing world. This blog, also offers reviews of different designing tools, resources of free stock images and videos, web design portfolios and many more. This blog is surely a practical choice for your bookmarks section.


Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- Awwwards---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

Awwwards is an essential bookmark as your web design resource. If you are a web designer and looking for a daily inspiration, then this blog, you should watch out. As the name suggests, this blog is one of the most largest resource of creative web design inspirations on the internet. They also promote new designers and talents based on the following metrics: design, creativity, usability & content responsiveness.


Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- SpeckyBoy---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

SpeckyBoy is another blog that has become famous among the web designers. This is a good resource of web design tips, trends and other topics for designers and developers. You can easily improve your skills and your knowledge by following their high-quality contents. They started their content journey in the year of 2007.  During the decades, SpeckyBoy  has become the inspirational hub for the designers.


Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- WpKube---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

WPKube blog is based on WordPress related topics. In this blog you can find many practical resources such as: WordPress plugins, themes, WordPress Tricks, How To’s and many more. If you are a WordPress Developer then this blog is for you.

WP Beginner Blog

Top-10-Web-Design-Blogs-To-Follow-in-2022- WP Beginner---Digitally-Atanu---Remote-IT-Consultant

WP Beginner Blog is one of my most favorite blogs in this list. If you ever have these questions: “how can I build WordPress site?” or “which WordPress plugin should I choose?” or “what are the best practices to follow in shopify?” – then you need to follow this blog. Mr. Syed Balkhi started this blog in the year of 2006. Since then this blog has become the most largest resource of WordPress tips, news and other topics.


aff 728x90 1


To follow a particular blog depends on your own taste and urge for additional knowledge. All above mentioned blogs are based on my personal choice. I can tell you one thing: while choosing your perfect blog to follow, you need to ask few questions to yourself:

1. will this be helpful in my current and future roles?

2. what kind of design does your job require?

3. are you a freelancer or do you work in an agency?

4. will the resources in this web design blog suit my current job’s needs?

.. I really hope that you will find some inspiration from my list of web design blogs. Keep learning – get inspired!

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