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We are living in the digital era. These days, we do almost everything online. From shopping to cooking – each and everything, we can get online. So during this time, if you don’t have your eCommerce [online] store, then you are missing a lot of potential customer. That’s why this is the best time to design your online store, where your customers can easily navigate and purchase their desired products. Your eCommerce website should be well designed, which establish your Brand Identity and can bring many customers.

Website architecture is the most important thing when developing your eCommerce website. Not only your website need to look good, but also your UI design should help you to drive targeted traffic. An informative, clean & attractive web layout compels your traffic to stay on your eCommerce website for a long period of time. By this way, you can increase the chances to convert those traffic to your potential client.

In this article, I am going to list down Top 10 tips for your custom eCommerce web design. If you follow these tips for your eCommerce store, then you’ll get a lot of potential buyers on your online store.

1. USE KISS METHOD [Keep it short & simple]

#DigitallyAtanu - Top 10 Tips For Custom ECommerce Web Design - KISS Method

One of the most IMPORTANT rules for custom eCommerce web design is “KISS” – keep it short and simple. That means, when you are working on your eCommerce website, you should use the less number of components / designing elements. Because the more elements you are using in your website, the more it detracts your traffic. You should not make your visitors confused by using unnecessary sections / elements in your layout. Keep your design clean, simple yet attractive to maintain the attention of your traffic.

2. Maintain your BRANDING

#DigitallyAtanu - Maintain your BRANDING -Top 10 Tips For Custom ECommerce Web Design

When it comes to online shopping, the customers want to purchase from established brands. Because when you shop from an online store, they need your credit card information. And no one wants to give these secured information to any faceless eCommerce store. To build your BRAND value, you need to work hard on your eCommerce shop. Your BRADING is just like the DNA of your online shop – it’s playing the significant role to build the TRUST between you and your customers. The more you gain the TRUST, the more you increase the number of sales from your eCommerce business.

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3. Think like your customers

If you want to connect with your customers with your eCommerce website design, then you have to think like your website audiences. There are few important things your customers want in your online shop. Being a customer, you also want the same things on the websites you purchase from, there are: the eCommerce should have an easy navigation system, the website should be well-structured, should be designed with a minimalistic look, should make your shopping experience easier and last but not the least, should be hassle-free. When you think like your potential customers, you can relate what they want from your eCommerce store.

4. Always use high quality images [stock images]

Theoretically, it is proved that if you use high quality stock images in your custom eCommerce web design, you will increase the conversion rate by over 45%. It is really very common that using good quality media files [images / videos / animations] will increase the conversion rate. Personally, I am using high quality images from Pexels, Unsplash, Freepik – these are my personal favorite resources for images, graphics and videos. Apart from general images and graphics, you should have professional product images in your eCommerce store. Because no one gonna purchase the products without seeing them. This is my personal opinion if you hire a professional photographer to take high quality product images, you will win the half way.


5. Establish your Brand Colors

Brand Color is an extremely important section for your custom eCommerce web design. If you understand the psychology behind your brand colors, you can easily drive some serious sales. Different colors inspire different emotions, different feelings and different actions from your customers. A recent eCommerce study says that by using a RED COLOR on your CTA buttons can increase the conversion almost 35%. Apart from this, if you use BLUE COLOR, it enhances the credibility into your eCommerce design. So if you know how to use your Brand Colors, you can easily create a huge impact on your eCommerce business.

6. Make your content user-friend & scalable

One thing, I always think and that is, you can write long piece contents for your eCommerce store and your products. But do you really think that anyone gonna read this throughout? The answer is NO! A recent research on eCommerce business shows that your visitors only read approx. 20%-25% contents that you produce. So it’s always recommended that do not waste time to produce such a long content. It’s better to provide key points that can drive sales. Content should be smart enough which can tell about your products within a couple of paragraphs. The more smart way you produce your content, the more likely your customers will absorb your message. I always recommend to hire a professional content writer who can help you in terms of content production.

7. Build your Social community [Social proof]

#DigitallyAtanu - Build your Social community [Social proof] -Top 10 Tips For Custom ECommerce Web Design

Another way to build your online TRUST is “social proof”. When you are in the process of custom eCommerce web design for your business, always look for different ways to show positive comments / reviews from your existing customers. By adding a testimonial section or a rating section in your website will increase your Social Trust. Always ask for a good rating from your customers after their purchase. The more your online visitors can see the positive feedbacks from your existing / previous customers, the more they will tend to purchase a product from your store.

8. Create Easy Navigation

Easy navigation system is a must feature in your eCommerce website. If your customer have to click more than 5-6 times to find out their required product, then it will increase your bounce rate. To decrease the bounce rate of your eCommerce store, you have to design an easy navigation system, so that your potential customers can find their products quite easily by using filters, sorting and other things. The easier you create the navigation system – the easier your customers can find their products and the easier they will make the purchase.

9. Make it Mobile-Friendly

#DigitallyAtanu - Make it Mobile-Friendly - Top 10 Tips For Custom ECommerce Web Design

When you are shopping online, then the MOBILE comes first before desktop. If you want to capture the customers who are surfing your eCommerce store from their tablet / mobile phones, then you need to make sure that your custom eCommerce website is fully mobile friendly. Otherwise, you can not convince those mobile customers that your online store is the one, from where they want to make their purchase.

10. Always include a Search option

Most of the visitors are in a hurry to find their desired products. Having a search bar in your eCommerce store helps them to find out their desired products really fast. There are different kinds of searching options available. It’s your decision to choose what kind of search plugins / apps / custom codes you are going to implement in your store.



Designing and developing the eCommerce store is really tricky. You have to play with the customer’s psychology along with the technical things. I tried to list down my favorite top 10 tips for custom eCommerce web design, that not only help you to design an attractive online store, but also these points will help you to increase your conversion rates. So what are you waiting for – use these tips to give your eCommerce online store, where your customers bound to make their purchases.

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