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Are you a dentist / dental surgeon / dental practitioner? Don’t you get a good number of patients on a regular basis? Are you not visible in your local searches? If all these answers are NO for you, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am trying to provide the TOP 10 digital marketing tips for dentists / dental surgeons & dental practitioners!

According to research by “Aldrich Advisors“, every dentist out there, needs at least 20-25 new patients per month, to have steady growth and success. As we are living in the digital age, you can not reach this goal by using traditional dental marketing strategies. This is the best time to move forward and think out of the box. According to a recent report by “Pew Research” shows that 77% of customers go online to look for local dentists and research dental treatments & dental problems.



1. Create & Optimize Your Google My Business (GMB) Page

The most important thing for your digital marketing strategies is to create and optimize Google My Business (GMB) account page. This process gives you a boost in front of your potential patients. The optimization process guarantees that search engines (Google) will find your “My Business Page” and rank it at the top. The bonus point of this process is, the information from your GMB page is automatically synced into the Google Map Pack. So you should have proper details, such as clinic name, clinic address, contact number, hours of operation, reviews, and description in your GMB listing. According to Moz’s research, Google’s Local Map Pack is getting approx. 44% of clicks on your business website by potential searchers. So create your GMB page now and optimize it in a proper manner.

2. Develop & Optimize Your Dental Clinic Website

As we are living in the digital era, it is highly important that you have an active online presence. That’s why you should have your Dental Clinic Website for your marketing strategy. Your website is going to be the 1st impression in front of your potential patients and this will be the first point of interaction between you and your patients. Basically, your patients judge you based on the website’s looks & performance. Your website should be well structured so that your patients can easily navigate your services. The website content needs to be well-written in an “easy-to-understand” language. It is theoretically proved that more than 90% of users judge your business based on the website design and its features. Approx. 38% of the users can bounce back from your website, if it is unattractive and difficult to navigate. please keep this in mind, you should have a MOBILE FRIENDLY WEBSITE with a secured certificate (HTTPS). Last but not the least, you should work on your website loading time as well with high priority.


3. Implement a Blog on Your Dental Website

Developing and optimizing your website is just the first step of your marketing process. If you want to become a dark horse in your industry, then you also need to start your own blog in your website. This blog will help you to rank on the search engine for those keywords, which your potential patients might be searching to find out some information related to dental problems. This is highly recommended to write on those topics, which are about common dental problems, oral health care, dental procedures, good dental practices, new techniques in the world of dentistry, etc.

4. Develop a Strong SEO Strategy

It is really very essential to develop a strong SEO strategy for your dental care business. More than 90% of users visit a business after getting all types of information from Google. It is also proved that 75% of users never go to the second page of the search engine results. So you have to be on the TOP 10 results with your targeted keywords. It is absolutely possible that you are the best dentist in your city but if no one can find you, then you can not get potential patients to grow your business.

5. Create Engaging Posts on Social Media

This is the world of Social Media & there are more than 4 billion active users on different social media platforms. There are almost 54% of these people, use social media to research any products or services before they make a decision about it. So you have to be on different Social Media platforms to engage your potential patients. Generally, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest can be your trump cards!

6. Invest Your Effort in Video Marketing

Currently, video marketing is the booming strategy for Digital Marketing. Being a general user, I can personally think that, most people can easily interact with Audio-Visual things. So if you can invest your time and effort in Video Marketing, especially based on different dental problems & its solutions, you should surely attract potential patients. Approx. 40% of patients called the dentists for a dental appointment after watching a video, that is relevant to their problems. So you can start working on your video marketing process!

7. Ask Your Patients for Genuine Reviews

Asking for genuine & honest testimonials from your patients is another way to promote your own dental clinic. In the digital world, we always love to read reviews about the business, before contacting them. A consistent flow of positive reviews is kind of a FREE MARKETING for your clinic. It’s proved that more than 75% of web users trust online POSITIVE REVIEWS. So do not waste any time, just approach your patients to write something positive about your clinic – this will help you a lot.

8. Use Email Marketing To Target Your Potential Patients

Email marketing allows you to connect with your potential patients & send them helpful information related to dental problems / dental care tips that help them a lot. Before start sending weekly / monthly newsletters to your patients, you need to build up an email list. To do this, you can easily include a data sheet at your front-office desk where people can sign up to receive updates about your dental clinic. Once you have this email list, you can start sending emails to your patients. Before planning this strategy, please note that you have to write a compelling subject line. Because approx. 33% of people open emails based on just the subject line! You can do an A/B test about your subject lines to see which one has the highest open rate. Last but not the least, you need to design all your newsletters mobile friendly.


9. Implement “Click to Call Ads”

If you are looking for important digital marketing tips for dentists, then you should keep this in mind, the main goal is to get calls/appointments from your potential patients. If that is so, you need to implement “Click-To-Call Ads” in your marketing strategies. The “Click-To-Call” feature is available in Facebook Ad campaigns and in Google Ads (PPC / Adwords) on mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. With this strategy, you can create call-only campaigns for your dental clinics, so that you can attract your patients to give you a callback when they are searching for local dentists.

10. Use Facebook Demographic Targeting

We all know, that Facebook is one of the greatest social media platforms, where we can implement demographic targeting. On Facebook, you can easily target potential patients by their language, income, employment, relationship status & interests. It has been shown according to recent Market Research, women make almost 90% of dental buying decisions after checking Facebook Ads. So if you target them accordingly, you might get a good number of patients from your local regions. Not only that, but also Facebook recently announced a brand new “Ad Feature” which utilizes Messenger. Advertisers will be able to use the “Send Message Button” as a Call-To-Action on their ads. So while planning your dental marketing strategies, think about how you can implement these awesome features, provided by Facebook.



So, these are the Top 10 digital marketing tips for dentists and other dental practitioners. If you implement these marketing strategies, you can easily attract more potential patients to your dental clinic. Even if you’ll use some of these ideas, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors. Most of these strategies are very easy and free to do by yourself. But if you don’t have the time or the perfect skills to implement these techniques, I am here to help you. Scroll down a bit and fill up the form with all your details – I’ll arrange a quick call session with you to discuss in detail all your queries.

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