Linkedin Updates You Must Know in June, 2021

Linkedin Updates You Must Know in June 2021 - Digitally Atanu

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We all know that Linkedin has become the key platform for your business. During the Covid19 phase, most of the professionals started working from their home and in this scenario Linkedin found the increased growth in active users, engagements and sessions. World’s largest professional network with over 740 million global users, Linkedin continued to focus on B2B businesses. After achieving such milestone, Linkedin is slowly introducing new features and tools on their platform (both web and mobile apps). If you don’t know about these Linkedin Updates, you’re probably falling behind.  I want to give SPECIAL THANKS to Shay Rowbottom, who actually made an in-depth video about all recent Linkedin Updates. She actually gave me the idea for this article.


Digitally Atanu - Top LinkedIn Updates You Need to Know for 2021

There are so many updates, Linkedin recently launched on their Web and Mobile Apps. In this article, I am trying to list down all recent Linkedin Updates and how you can get benefits from these changes.

Linkedin Stories

Digitally Atanu - Linkedin Stories

According to the Linkedin stats, they are getting 50% traffic from desktop and 50% traffic from mobile. For all the mobile users, Linkedin recently launched a big update, named as “Linkedin Stories”. This is a purely mobile based feature that allows the users to connect with other professionals in a more personal way. Just like Instagram Stories, we can upload / update small small status related to our works, our business or about our products in a personalized “precise” way. Linkedin has also introduced “SWIPE UP” feature with the story, just like a cherry at the top. Company pages automatically get the access of this SWIPE UP feature, whereas, the individual profiles must have atleast 5000 followers to get this feature.

Increased Character Limit For Linkedin Posts

Digitally Atanu - Linkedin Character Limits

LinkedIn changed the character limit from 1300 to 3000 characters per post. It’s also announced that Linkedin might have discontinue the ARTICLE section from their platform. Please note that only 200-250 characters are readable before the readers need to click READ MORE link. This update is really great for developing your business ideas, business pitch and your conversion rate. The only condition for using this feature is, you should know how to write & write well!

Indexing Posts on Google

Have you ever noticed that your Linkedin posts get indexed by Google? Well, tight up your seat belt, because this feature has already been introduced by Linkedin and this will be the most important updates in the upcoming days.

Linkedin Creator  Mode

Digitally Atanu - Linkedin Creator Mode

If you want to create your own network, Linkedin Creator Mode could be the right fit for you. By turning on the creator mode, you can encourage others to follow you and engage with your content more prominently. You can add 5 separate topics (working as your profile hashtags), that indicates the niche you love the most. You can even shoot your 30-second sales pitch video for your profile. It will enhance your profile than any other ordinary profile. For me this is the most coolest Linkedin Update ever!

Deleting The FAKE Profiles

It’s confirmed that Linkedin will be deleting all FAKE ACCOUNTS. For me this update is the most delighted ones. I wrote an article 5 years back, in the year of 2016. From that time, many fake accounts are gathered in this social networking platform. I always think that Linkedin should take pre-cautionary measures to remove these SCAMMERS. After hearing this update, I am really happy and delighted. Linkedin is not a place for the scammers / fake profiles. 6 years back, Kevin Lee wrote an open letter to the Linkedin Authority and submitted his personal grudge against these scammers. I am providing that letter below:

Dear LinkedIn,

I admire your service and use it every day. But the problem of fake profiles has gotten out of control. For those of us with public personas who speak at dozens of conferences and author columns/books, there is often the desire to give new connection requests the benefit of the doubt. But doing this has now become too risky. We are now fearful of making connections to entities whose identities are uncertain and whose intentions may not be good.

Providing a photo ID plus proof of address to verify one’s identity would not be an onerous tasks for most people. Most LinkedIn members would welcome the opportunity authenticate their profiles. If you’re skittish about making such a requirement mandatory for continuing membership on LinkedIn, make it voluntary. My guess is that a lot of people would voluntarily produce such information in order to strengthen their legitimate business networks. Certainly paid profile accounts are already partially validated and authenticated.

For many of us, the annoyance and time-wasting is bad enough. But having fake people on LinkedIn is also a security threat that’s deeply troubling, because LinkedIn is an ideal place for cyber-criminals to install malware, steal identities, and conduct corporate espionage.

You can solve this problem easily in a way that your users will understand. Force authentication and LinkedIn will become far more businesslike, productive, and secure. And although Wall Street won’t like it because it will temporarily crimp the growth of your user base, the value of your actual network will soar in coming years.


These new Linkedin Updates make the platform more stronger and help the professionals to find right opportunities for them and to create a healthy professional network. Make sure to take advantage of these new updates. If you really want to grow in this platform, you can contact me. Yours Digitally Atanu will help you to drive engagement and traffic to your business.

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